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VeeFriends Surprises Its Holders With A New Drop

VeeFriends, a Gary Vaynerchuk nonfungible token (NFT) project, has surprised its holders again with a new drop: the Iconics NFT collection. These 1:1 avatars are a colorful blend between NFT artist Gilang Bogy’s unique style and Gary Vee’s legendary collection.

It has been reported that each ultra-rare collectible is in fact inspired by the VeeFriends Series 1 Spectaculars, so let’s find out all about this unique collaboration. In short, VeeFriends Iconics is a collection of rare, colorful NFT avatars. Each collectible features a different character from the VeeFriends Series 1 Spectacular collection. This time, we can see the same iconic characters under Gilang Bogy’s NFT signature style.

However, the artist kept each character’s basic traits intact. Their background and artistic style result in a rare, valuable NFT surprise drop. Minting was never available for the VeeFriends Iconics NFTs. Instead, all VeeFriends Series 1 Character NFT holders received a corresponding VeeFriends Iconics NFT. The airdrop is based on a snapshot taken on April 15th, 2022.

The report said that each holder’s wallet from the same snapshot can claim a unique 12×12 Metarelics Canvas. The asset features the corresponding VeeFriends Iconics character so that collectors can show it off.

Thus, the VeeFriends Iconics NFTs are available on secondary marketplaces, including OpenSea.

Source: NFT Evening


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