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UniFarm Gears Up To End Q3 With A Bang; To Launch 3 New IDOs, Listing On Top Centralised Exchanges

Leading group farming staking protocol- ‘UniFarm’ which announced its IDO Launchpad- ‘UNIFARM Launch’ earlier last month is all set to announce 3 new back-to-back IDOs for its rapidly growing community. Post the launch of UniFarm Cohort 36 with 4 top-tier projects, including SpaceSwap ($MILK2), BattleVerse ($BVC), NFT4Play ($4PLAY), and UniFarm ($UFARM) UniFarm is elated to announce its second IDO with GameYoo, whitelisting for the same would be announced on 16th March 2022.

Furthermore, UniFarm will also be announcing 2 more IDOs on 18th and 21st March respectively with DCD and Wizardium through its IDO launchpad. In addition to the 3 IDO launches, the company also has some aggressive plans to end the quarter which involves UniFarm’s governance token $UFARM to be listed on 3 top national and international exchanges.

GameYoo which has partnered with UniFarm for its IDO announcement is a platform that bridges the gap between off-blockchain and blockchain game assets by gathering players’ game assets within traditional games and generating blockchain assets corresponding to those games, allowing off-blockchain game assets to produce real value. The project’s staff is convinced that in the future gaming era, gamers will have true ownership of digital assets, and blockchain-based gaming will transform the industry. All participants will benefit from their gaming assets, and the game will expand and grow with them. Now, UniFarmers can also become a part of this journey by joining GameYoo as their early investors.

Mohit Madan, CEO, and Founder, UniFarm said:

“We are thrilled to end this quarter on a high. ‘UniFarm Launch’ our IDO launchpad was expected to go live in Q2 2022 as per our roadmap however, witnessing the increased demand we launched it in Feb 2022 and the timing couldn’t have been better. Post the successful completion of our IDO with BattleVerse, we are elated to launch 3 new IDO in the next 1 week.”

Adding to the announcement, Tarusha Mittal, COO & Co-Founder, UniFarm said:

“In addition to the 3 new IDO launches, we are also excited to announce that $UFARM would be listed on 3 top centralized exchanges in the coming week. Prior to this, we were listed with MEXC along with other dApps like Dfyn, Pangolin, and UniSwap.”

Participation Details:

To participate in the IDO launch, users need to stake one of the tokens ($UFARM or $BVC or $4PLAY or $MILK2) on Cohort V36 on our platform. This cohort is on BSC, so you might need to connect your wallet and choose BSC as the network. To qualify for this IDO, users need to stake the minimum amount of tokens of any 1 project as mentioned below:

  • SpaceSwap ~ Minimum 5000 $MILK2 Tokens

  • BattleVerse ~ Minimum 5000 $BVC Tokens

  • NFT4Play ~ Minimum 1,20,000 $4PLAY Tokens

  • UniFarm ~ Minimum 50,000 $UFARM Tokens

By participating in this cohort, users not only get a chance to get whitelisted for GameYoo IDO but also guaranteed returns with a minimum APY of 20% and a maximum APY of 116%. Users will also get a chance to avail some exclusive NFTs from NFT4Play as well on participation.

Whitelisting will close on 16th March 2022. UniFarm also plans to make a few big announcements in April as a part of its roadmap.


UniFarm is a one-of-a-kind staking solution where the best projects in DeFi space come together to provide value to investors. UniFarm allows you to stake one token but earn multiple high-value tokens, so in addition to a great APY, your returns are automatically diversified as well.


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