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Sylo Unveils In-App Browser to Maximise Where You Can Spend Crypto

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND; June 26, 2020: Global software development house, Sylo has released a Web3 browser to the decentralised Sylo Smart Wallet app, giving users a myriad more ways to spend their crypto by interacting with Ethereum dApps.

The feature addition to the Sylo Smart Wallet comes in response to requests for more places to spend digital assets from their community of over 250,000 users.

“Listening to what our users want is really important to us. We’re ‘user-first’ all the way. It’s been a request for some time both within Sylo Smart Wallet users and the larger decentralised community to have better access to more decentralised experiences and more ways to spend cryptocurrencies. A Web3 browser was a logical addition for us, it just made sense. We hope our users enjoy it.” – says Ben Jordan, Sylo Co-Founder, and Product Director.

Utilising the Web3 browser, Sylo Smart Wallet users will now be able to access any Ethereum-based dApp, such as decentralised games, marketplaces, exchanges, or social networks.

The in-app browser maximises where Sylo Smart Wallet users can spend their crypto.

The in-app browser maximises where Sylo Smart Wallet users can spend their crypto

Releasing the Sylo Smart Wallet into global app stores just six months ago, Sylo are continuing to tick off milestones at a lively pace. The successful release of the Web3 Browser lands just one week after Sylo deployed an initiative in Australia and New Zealand alongside partner Centrapay to enable Sylo Smart Wallet users to spend Bitcoin at smart vending machines.

A next-generation app, the Sylo Smart Wallet sleekly combines a digital wallet with a decentralised private messenger. Users can connect from the safety of a wallet address, send and receive digital assets in chat, make audio and video calls, and store Bitcoin or any ERC-20 compatible token, such as SYLO or Ether, in a non-custodial wallet.

Download the Sylo Smart Wallet from the Google Play or Apple App stores.

For more information, please contact: Susan Joseph –

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