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SuperRare Releases Its First Airdrop Collection For RarePass Genesis Holders

SuperRare, the exclusive digital art marketplace, has released its first airdrop collection for RarePass Genesis holders: Decoherence by Pindar Van Arman.

It has been reported that RarePass holders received the nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on December 2, which included fine HD details produced by quantum computers. The 250 animated NFTs in the Decoherence collection by the award-winning artist takes you on a visual journey into another dimension. It consists of irregular shapes and captivating colours that explore the depths of reality.

However, in detail, the talented artist and roboticist Van Arman created the exclusive collection using quantum computers and AI. Further, he took inspiration from his childhood video games as well as his aspirations of being an impressionist painter.

John Crain, the co-founder and CEO of SuperRare, said:

“We’re thrilled to debut Decoherence as the first artwork to drop for the collectors of RarePass. As one of the earliest artists on SuperRare and one of the most coveted, Pindar’s work has always been pushing the boundaries for digital art and we are so glad to celebrate that with this drop.”

The report said that the collection was highly successful, resulting in the highest sale being 5 ETH on Opensea. The floor price on SuperRare’s marketplace is 4.575 ETH, as opposed to 4 ETH on OpenSea. A potential reason for this is that OpenSea compressed the artwork, thereby destroying its quality. In other words, marketplaces like SuperRare are the best to see the Decoherence collection.

Thus, based in Washington, D.C., Van Arman is an award-winning AI artist who creates art using code and painting robots. Since 2005, he has built multiple robots using AI that have gained recognition. His creations were featured in a TEDxTalk, shortlisted for the Barbican’s DevArt Competition, and received first prize in the 2018 Robot ART competition.

Source: NFT Evening


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