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SiGMA Group launches new office in Kiev, Ukraine

Eastern European iGaming and Blockchain sectors see new business growth

SiGMA Group, a leading global events company, has launched a new office based in Kiev, Ukraine, to capitalize on the rapid growth of companies operating in the iGaming and emerging technology sectors. As Eastern Europe sees the pace of new business growth in the region pick up momentum in 2020, SiGMA Group has seized the opportunity to have a local office focused on building relationships and facilitating growth for both established operations and innovative start-ups.

Denis Dzyubenko, a business development manager in Ukraine, will lead new business activity for SiGMA Group, which currently produces large scale events in both Malta, Europe, and Manila, the Philippines – SiGMA Expo for iGaming and AIBC Summit for AI, blockchain, and emerging technologies.   The company also organizes several satellite networking events, including iGathering Moscow, taking place on 21st April 2020.

“In Ukraine, we’re seeing emerging markets growing fast, supported by great IT infrastructure and skills in the population, and this is also true of neighboring CIS countries. There are boundless opportunities in the tech sectors right now, and with Ukraine expected to update gambling legislation later this year, it will make it easier for international companies to set up their businesses here”. Dzyubenko commented

The country is already home to a solid affiliate marketing industry supporting the online gambling sector, and this will be a key market for SiGMA Group to tap into as the affiliate side of the business grows. Other new business areas include operators, startups, and blockchain companies.

With around 30% attendees at SiGMA events currently coming from CIS markets, the Kiev office hopes to grow the sector and bridge global divides through the Malta and Manila expos, as well as numerous satellite networking events around the world. In the next few years, the CIS region is expected to become the second-largest iGaming market in the world.

Eman Pulis, Founder, and CEO, SiGMA Group, commented, “With this new office in Kiev, SiGMA Group recognizes the enormous potential and innovation flowing from Eastern Europe, where IT and DLT skillsets lead the way for Europe in general. We work with many clients from the region already, so we understand the opportunities for global expansion for so many brands based in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. We look forward to facilitating their growth through our global network.”

With the SiGMA Group network growing fast, the company is also on the lookout for new talent, with a raft of new positions available at

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About SiGMA Group: SiGMA Group is a global events company focussed on the B2B sectors in iGaming, crypto, blockchain and emerging tech, and medicinal cannabis.   Headquartered in Malta, Europe, the company has grown since 2014 to become world-renowned for its flagship events SiGMA Summit and AIBC Summit, both of which now host biannual shows in Malta and Manila respectively.  The events are designed to facilitate growth within each sector by bringing together businesses and key leaders to showcase products and services,  collaborate, make deals and shape the future for these expanding industries.  

In addition, SiGMA Group holds regular satellite events for each sector in key city locations throughout the yearly marketing cycle, prompting networking opportunities outside of the larger flagship events. The events business is supported by a content division producing daily news and thought leadership, as well as two well-respected magazines per year for each vertical in which SiGMA Group operates.

SiGMA Group has offices in Malta, Manila, Hong Kong, and other locations around the world.


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