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NounsDAO Announces NFT Comic Book Series “Nouns: Nountown”

NounsDAO, the nonfungible token (NFT) community, has announced their next project – an NFT comic book series “Nouns: Nountown,” which is open to crypto enthusiasts, comic book fans, and people new to NFTs.

It has been reported that NounsDAO has partnered with Titan Comics and the ComicsDAO community for the project. The Nountown Comic book is an ode to NFTs and the overall NFT ecosystem. Launching on April 26, each page of the comic book is also an NFT.

However, the pages, being integrated on the blockchain, will provide new experiences across web3 to its holders. These include one-of-a-kind collectibles and unique perspectives and storylines all central to the megastructure that is web3. This one’s a collectible for the ages, with amazing art on display in each of its pages.

The report said that the idea is to bring comic book collectors into web3 and also empower creators across the world by showcasing the power of the blockchain.

Adam Fortier, the founder of ComicsDAO, and a comic industry veteran, said:

If there was any space that embodied the essence of NFT in the physical world, it would be comic books. They’re interested in different stories and willing to try something out, but you also have the collectible aspect.”

Likewise, this benchmark move sets the tone for years to come. The comic book drop changes the way people interact with physical, tangible comic books as well. The Nountown comics are secured on the blockchain by the 4K protocol, and allows its holders to redeem the NFT for a physical copy.

Titan Comics has also licensed the IPs to franchises like The Simpsons, Blade Runner and more. The company is sure to take the NounsDAO project to another level and expand the web3 space.

Thus, the official synopsis for the book stated:

“A deeply moving coming-of-age drama about a small-town thimble salesman caught up in a politically-charged espionage caper involving a stolen atom bomb, a signed picture of the Pope, and a man with a fox head.”

Source: NFT Evening


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