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NBA Metaverse Seems Closer Every Day, Allows Fans To Create 3D Models Of Themselves

Reports said that the NBA metaverse seems closer every day, now with the release of new scanning technology allowing fans to create 3D models of themselves and insert them as avatars into NBA games.

It has been reported that as many expected, the NBA seems to join the growing trend of metaverse experiences. The NBA’s new scanning technology will enable fans to create a 3D avatar of themselves by using their smartphone’s camera to scan their face and body. This process will take about five minutes, and the resulting 3D model can be seen on NBA games.

However, users would insert these avatars into a game, substituting a real player with their new avatar. Everyone could now have a chance to experience the game from a whole new perspective. The NBA’s new technology was unveiled at the 2023 NBA All-Star Tech Summit, by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

The report said that Silver also spoke about the future of the NBA’s streaming experience. The goal, according to Silver, is to create a more immersive and interactive experience for fans, and the new scanning technology is just one step towards achieving that goal.

Likewise, the NBA’s new scanning technology also shows the growing trend towards metaverse experiences. The metaverse is a virtual world where users can interact with each other and with digital objects. It’s been described as the next evolution of the internet, and companies like Facebook and Roblox are investing heavily in metaverse technology.

NBA fans are excited about the new technology and are eager to see how it will impact the viewers’ experience. Some fans are already imagining the possibilities, such as using their avatar to participate in virtual pregame events or to sit courtside in a virtual reality version of an NBA game.

The NBA’s new technology may create a new and elevated fan experience. It also has the potential to open up new revenue streams for the league. In the future, we could see people purchasing digital clothing and accessories for their avatars. Consequently, bringing the interest from new partnerships and sponsorships with brands.

Thus, the NBA’s move into the metaverse is a smart one. The league has always been at the forefront of technology, from the introduction of the shot clock in the 1950s to the use of instant replay in the 1980s. By embracing the metaverse, the NBA is once again showing that it is a forward-thinking organization.

Source: NFT Evening


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