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banner.jpg Launches First Blue Chip NFT Bound Decentralized Identifier .bayc, a distributed, open, and extensible naming system, has launched the first Blue Chip nonfungible token (NFT) bound decentralized identifier (DID) .bayc.

It has been reported that Bored Ape (BAYC) NFT holders now claim the corresponding numbered DID, e.g. 0000.bayc, for free at The .bayc DID is bound one-to-one to the BAYC NFT, and there are only 10,000 DIDs available to claim.

However, according to the, the .bayc DID is the first ABT (Asset Bound Token) tied to a Blue Chip NFT and is only available to BAYC NFT holders and is not transferable. ‘s CEO Kory Pak tweeted that .bayc may usher in a new stage of “Asset as your DID.”

The report said that the launch of .bayc immediately generated mass buzz and followers in the BAYC community, including some of Web3’s most famous influencers. Game Space CEO Michael Cameron minted 6669.bayc and changed his Twitter name to “Michael Cameron 6669.bayc,” and former Huobi Global CEO 0xLivio minted 2883. bayc, and also changed his Twitter name accordingly.

Cameron said:

".bayc combines the uniqueness of short digit domains and the numeric features of Bored Ape and only BAYC NFT holders can claim it, which can effectively reflect the assets of DID holders. .bayc is expected soon to become the most sought-after DID, and may even drive up the price of BAYC NFT, especially favorable to the ones who possess great numbers."

Likewise, several BAYC NFT holders said that the most valuable aspect of .bayc is the Asset Bound Token feature. It ensures its reliability, follows the NFT, and cannot be traded separately, and once the NFT has been transferred or traded, its corresponding DID will also be destroyed.

Kory Pak, the CEO of, continued that will soon partner up with dozens of Wallets, DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, dApps, and other projects, including Bitkeep Wallet and KuCoin Wallet to collaborate on the use of .bayc such as replacing the long public address into easy to read and memorable DID that can be linked to your wallet to send and receive funds, transfer tokens or NFTs, use as an ID, social networking, GameFi, and other Web3 scenarios.

Thus, will soon support the DIDs of 20 other Blue Chip NFT binding domain names such as .punk, .doodle and .mfer, etc. According to its official website, a community voting campaign will be opened in early December and the NFT project with the highest number of votes that week will be available to the mint for its corresponding domain name.

Source: Bitcoin News


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