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Gutter Cat Gang Announces Exciting Updates For NFT Holders

Gutter Cat Gang has announced exciting updates for nonfungible token (NFT) holders, including the new Gutter Credentials.

It has been reported that accordingly, the new feature allows GCG holders to get credentials on their profile based on how many Gutter Cat NFTs they own. While the team didn’t reveal any utility to this feature yet, you can earn Early Bird Credentials by completing your profile by February 28.

However, based on the team’s announcement, the Credentials look like a digital badge displayed on each holder’s profile on the Gutter Cat Gang website. This includes subsequent GCG drops, too, such as Gutter Clones.

The report said that the project founders announced some upgrades. For example, users can hover over any species within the Collections section to reveal the lineage. If you want to customize your Gutter profile, now you can preview changes before implementing anything new.

Thus, the team implemented regional World Map features, a new Gutterboard graph, and Top 25/50 indicators. The new features aim to enhance the community’s UX on the growing Gutter Cat Gang platform, just like the Early Bird Credentials.

Source: NFT Evening


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