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Guinness Book Of World Records Introduces CryptoPunk In Its Latest Edition

The Guinness Book Of World Records has recognized the blockchain by introducing a CryptoPunk in its latest edition. The nonfungible token (NFT) that is representing web3 loud and proud is CryptoPunk #5822.

It has been reported that in the latest edition of the Guinness Book Of World Records, the encyclopedia introduces a new section titled “CryptoMania.” This section covers a few of the iconic crypto events from the last decade. The edition also covers Bitcoin, crypto adoption, the first-ever cryptocurrencies, and of course, NFTs. The CryptoPunks are a highlight project in the new edition.

However, CryptoPunk #5822 is the most expensive sale to a CryptoPunk to date. The NFT sold for a mountainous 8000 ETH (~USD 23 million). This was at the market high tide of February 2022, before the dreaded crypto winter took over. #5822 is a rare alien CryptoPunk sporting a blue bandana. The digital asset is owned by Deepak Thapliya, CEO of Chain.

The report said that Beeple “Everydays” NFT did not make the cut due to a technical formality. Guinness describes NFTs as "limited-edition sets of artwork built around pre-rendered templates." This automatically disqualified Beeple’s NFT, but it remains the true holder of the “most expensive NFT” record.

Likewise, CryptoPunks is considered by many to be the holy grail of NFTs. Launched in 2017 by Larva Labs (acquired now by Yuga Labs), the collection of 10,000 punks is one of the very first Ethereum-based NFTs. The punks have varying rarity levels, some of which include, zombies, apes, and aliens.

Thus, the Punks have gained legendary status, as they signify the rise of NFTs being one of the first NFT projects to ever exist. In a space that grows as fast as crypto, this 10,000 PFP collection is a household name that represents not just web3, but a piece of internet history overall.

Source: NFT Evening


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