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BITYARD | Bitcoin Mining Reward Halved? Your Big Chance To Make Money

By now you have inevitably heard of Bitcoin. But do you know how the bitcoin halving event of 2020 will affect the price of bitcoin? Due to the uncertainty of the international environment and the fierce competition between long and short positions, price fluctuations will be more unpredictable than the 2017 to 2018 bull run. There are more ways to make money from cryptocurrencies than just buying and holding cryptocurrencies, and bitcoin contracts supplement a method of making money, which many people say is the best time to accumulate bitcoin. But for master traders, through leveraged contract trading, methods of obtaining higher returns are on the table.

How do you seize the opportunity–choose the right exchange and start acting!

Satoshi Nakamoto himself said that 20 years after he created the Bitcoin blockchain, there would either be massive transaction volume for bitcoin on a daily basis or there would be no trading volume at all. The price of Bitcoin will remain volatile in the near future and volatility will be higher after the 2020 halving than the 2016 halving event. Besides buying and selling bitcoin there are other options as well, like for instance, buying bitcoin contracts. A new platform that is growing quickly is Bityard, and as of late, it has grown more and more popular in South East Asia. From the looks of it, they also sponsor Thailand’s best Muay Thai fighter and he has posted about this sponsorship on his Facebook fan page, thus signifying two things: Bityard is serious as a company and they mean business, and they are a legitimate company. Further cementing their legitimacy is all of the regulatory certifications that they have on their website: FinCEN, AUSTRAC, ACRA, and MTR have all granted them licenses to conduct business in their respective regions.

Complex Contracts Simple Trade–Learn to make money in the shortest time!

Bityard always adheres to the product concept of “complex contracts, simple trade”, and aims to bring customers the ultimate simple operation experience. Reporters have learned through interviews with product management that the team has done a lot of work to get users up and running quickly. Opening an account is simple: you only need to register with an email or mobile phone number, and you can become a Bityard user within 30 seconds. Simplified topping-up: currently Bityard supports the use of 6 mainstream digital currencies as a method of refilling a user’s account. Additionally, the Renminbi, as well as the Vietnamese Dong, are both supported, and there are plans to add more FIAT on-ramps in the future. There is also a system in place to allow transferring funds between superiors and subordinates which are facilitated by agents. Simple Trading: simplified trading interface and trading functions. Users can trade from as little as 5 USDT. In order to provide fulfilling customer experience, Bityard’s co-branded ambassador announced a fruitful launch of “daily mining” activities. Starting from today, after each user registration, you can get free Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Tron, and more mainstream digital currencies for a value of up to 258 USDT. In addition, you can also get Bityard’s first platform currency BYD. After it has been listed on other well-known exchanges, BYD will become a well-established platform token in a good time.

For more information consider registering an account at Bityard today! Check out and register an account for your experience and benefit!

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