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BECAZ: It Has Finally Happened: Time Is A Currency Now!

In human history elements such as gold, silver, barleycorn etc. have been used as a currency for generations, and today it is in paper money. But no civilization has ever used time as currency! The use of time as a currency in the movie “In Time” perhaps surprised us all. Eventually, that movie came true. Recently, multinational venture company has developed a project called “Becaz” as a result of years of R&D.

So, What Is This Becaz?

Becaz is a time-based cryptocurrency developed with blockchain infrastructure. Time is used as a means of payment and investment in Becaz. One of the most important privileges of Becaz is that it has developed a ” peer-to-peer ” online education platform to convert time into money. On this platform, the mining of Becaz coins is done through knowledge, with the company’s self-developed Proof of Time (PoT) concept.

The company also announced that Becaz is not an ICO or IEO project. Only 100,000,000 of the Becaz coins with a total supply of 821,000,000 have been opened to investment (more than this amount will not be sold). The vast majority of Becaz coins can only be earned with knowledge on the Becaz Learning ( platform; thus, not only those with money but also people with knowledge will be able to earn money from this platform and invest in Becaz coins.

To really turn time into an asset, people needed a means of payment, a currency. At this stage, Becaz developed the cryptocurrency that is the real equivalent of the time and labour, which people spend. Now, serious companies have started to join the blockchain sector with real projects. Apparently, the company’s time-bound currency seems will be spoken for a long time…


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