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Apple Looks For People To Build Its Own Metaverse

Apple, the tech giant, is looking for people to build its own metaverse, as its next major product is a mixed-reality headset and the company is reportedly looking for engineers who could help build a 3D world for it.

It has been reported that while very little is known about this upcoming device, a recent job listing spotted by Apple, first spotted by Bloomberg, helps everyone have an idea of some of the capabilities of the device.

However, Apple has been making some changes to its Technology Development Group (TDG)- its team that works on “revolutionary Apple products” including AR/VR platform. The recent job listings from TDG indicate that Apple is aggressively working on its mixed-reality headset and looking to hire professionals who can build 3D content for the device.

The report said that the headset could be priced between $2,000- $3,000 making it a high-end offering from Apple. The headset will come with a Mac-level M2 chip, 10 cameras both outside and inside the device, and more. The device will run on a new operating system dubbed reality OS which will include Apple apps like Messages, FaceTime, and Maps.

Likewise, Apple has already filed a trademark filing for the upcoming headset. It will either be called “Reality Pro” or “Reality One.” The recent job listings reveal that Apple is looking for a software producer with experience in visual effects and game asset pipeline who can create digital content for Apple’s upcoming AR and VR projects.

The company is also looking for engineers who are comfortable working on development tools. Another job listing asks for the development of a 3D mixed reality world. This points towards the fact that Apple might be making content similar to the metaverse.

Thus, Apple has brought back a former senior member of its self-driving car unit- Dave Scott who is known for his contribution to the medical and robotics industries.


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