The Indian chapter of the GBA will look to sharpen the skills of future industry personnel by inculcating the basics and technicalities that go into the development of ledger-based solutions.

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is making inroads into the Indian marketplace, through the establishment of a dedicated localized chapter within the country. The organization functions as a Not-For-Profit enterprise that will look towards the education, adoption, and adaptability of ledger-based solutions in India. The GBA-India Chapter is spearheaded by Mr. Sharat Chandra, who is renowned as a ‘Top 20 Thought-leader’ in GovTech.

Blockchain technology has witnessed impressive traction over the last couple of years, with successful startups and projects focused around Green Energy, Agriculture, FinTech, SCM & Logistics, Manufacturing, and Land Registry. These ventures have shown impressive results and are presently being scaled for wider adoption.

Despite being at the focal point of the South Asian market, India has been moving at a relative snail-pace with regard to blockchain adoption. Hence, the GBA-India Chapter was established. The organization will look towards guiding startups in the blockchain space, as well as help local government bodies develop adequate regulatory policies and charter laws for ledger-based solutions. Another important feature behind the organization’s conception was the burning need to educate the masses and upskill them technically for the domestic blockchain ecosystem.

Ms. Debajani Mohanty, a Blockchain consultant and author of 4 bestselling books, serves as an Advisor for the GBA-India chapter. She quoted that

The GBA-India Chapter was founded with a vision to bring Blockchain to the mainstream by educating the mass, working closely with start-ups, advising them on their Blockchain strategy, practices and connecting them with the right set of investors. GBA is also conducting sessions and workshops in some of the most prestigious educational institutes of India to prepare students for emerging technologies today that most curriculums do not cover. I am proud to be part of this eminent team, preparing India for NextGen technologies.

The organization has also added industry veterans like Dr. Paritosh Basu, Prasanna Lohar and Gokul Alex to its list of eminent advisors.

Mr. Prasanna Lohar, Head of Innovation and Architecture for DCB Bank, said that

Partnerships between competitive banks, technology companies, Academia, Fintech, and Regulators will bring benefits to consumers and the financial system. Collaboration among these driving forces will bring on multiple innovative & cost-effective use cases, such as Data Protection, KYC/AML, and Identity Management. Post-Demonetisation, UPI, GST, and many other movements, Blockchain is set to become the ‘Radical Change Agent’ in India.

First, on its itinerary, the GBA-India Chapter will be conducting a Blockchain Workshop in association with IIM-B, on the 26th of July. All participants will receive a certificate of completion for the workshop.

Ex-CFO of Reliance, Dr. Paritosh Basu, has gone on the record to state that

“The internet has transcended geographical boundaries, Blockchain will have to break sovereign boundaries. It should be grounded on the humane foundation of sustainable shared values. Blockchain technologists cannot become just another Technology-tribe. They should become the harbingers of development, shared with the masses for inclusive happiness, irrespective of globalization or protectionism for any country.

The GBA-India chapter will also be conducting the Bangalore Blockchain Conference on the 27th of July, in Bangalore city. The summit will feature an array of 20 renowned speakers like Mr. Manish Jain, Partner for Digital Consulting at KPMG; Mr. Venkat Raghavan, Director of Analytics for the Boston Consulting Group; and Mr. Kevin Lally, VP of the Crypto Valley Foundation.

About GBA:

Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is an international nonprofit association helping government, public sector professionals, and organizations around the world to understand, implement, and benefit from blockchain technology-related technologies and capabilities.

Writer: Nikhil Menon
Content Developer
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