A 3-day crypto getaway on Bali, September 4–6, 2019

Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event is an event for the brightest minds in crypto gathered in a 3-day crypto getaway by the pool to share their knowledge, ideas, strategies, and network with the other attendees. It’s an event for future-minded high-achievers where we’ll focus on taking you to the next level in your success, reach, userbase, or influence. There will be no speakers, no keynotes, no booths, no normal people, no stress, no bs.

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You see, nowadays, events just aren’t the same as they used to be, I think we can all agree on that. They used to be great for networking, great for value creation, and great for making partnerships or sales, but that that time is over.

When we decided to create the mastermind event in Bali on September 4-6, we did so because events had become boring. Like holy sh*t. Too many speakers, keynotes, and way too much on the schedule when all you really want to do is to network with interesting people.

So imagine a business mastermind, but take away the boring closed office space, and swap it out with 3-days crypto getaway by the pool with hand-picked masterminds from our industry, guaranteed to be smarter than you in their specific field of practice. This means that there will be a ton of knowledge, strategies, and network to gain from the event, which is what this is all about. To take our attendees to the next level.

At the event, you can be one on one with the founders and executives from companies like 21Cryptos, Bad Crypto Podcast, ReadySetCrypto, yellow.com and many more, and experience live podcast shows, crypto standup comedy, case studies, panel discussions, 3 after parties and our very own Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Awards.

To get your tickets, check out https://mastermind.capital and reach us on email or on LinkedIn

1 ticket = access for a team of two with free 4-star accommodation, food, drinks, beverages and taxi for the entire stay.

Fun fact: All attendees bring something of value to the others. For example, 21Cryptos is giving away a free 3-month media partnership, MXC.com is giving away a free coin or token listing.