Today, the “Digital Market Labor” is pegged at 10 trillion dollars, and automation has a more significant role to play in empowering the digital workforce. Automation drives net 155 million new jobs. A report from McKinsey Global Institute states ” While few occupations are fully automatable, 60 per cent of all occupations have atleast 30 percent technically automatable activities” . Technical automation potential in India stands at 235 million FTEs.

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Organizations across the ecosystem are increasingly focusing on enabling all their business units with new-age technologies. Increased need for automation of business processes is leading to the rising demand for RPA professionals across the globe. Technical automation potential in India stands at 235 million FTEs. India, has rightfully earned the laurel of “Global Automation Hub”.

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Automation is an enabler that makes digital workforce efficient and amplifies human potential. A purely web-based, cloud-enabled RPA-as-a-Service multi-party platform is the need of the hour, and Automation Anywhere has addressed it with Attended Automation 2.0. It has a cloud-enabled RPA for infinite scalability. The multi-party RPA system reduces the total cost of ownership and has a Privacy-First approach to cloud. All data stays in the Bot Runner, and no data ever goes to the cloud. The service only keeps operational data, such as schedules.

RPA has made AI approachable, and Automation Anywhere’s AI Vision: “Ultra Powerful AI for Everyone” is about ease of use, an open intelligent platform designed with a human-centered approach.

Sharat Chandra
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